Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!!!

Well, I had an excellent weekend.  Yesterday, the weather was beautiful, nice and sunny!! We ended up going to the Elizabeth Shopping Centre and just did a pile of window shopping!  Also, went to Tunza Fun which Michala loves as she gets tickets and ended up we had enough to get her one of those larva lamps! She was so excited!  Later in the arvo, we headed toward Cheltenham and the girls all fell asleep so we just kept driving around close to the beach for a while before heading to one of Michael's rely's 50ths.  We got there quite a bit early but thankfully Shane and Roma were okay with that so we got to catch up which was excellent.  I really enjoy catching up with Roma, as she is so easy to talk to.  It was good to catch up with their daughters also and then the daughters children also. lol.  Amazingly, the girls went to sleep in their pram just as easily as if they were at home, which was great.  Michala enjoyed herself running around with all the kids, then we finally left around 10.30pm as we live just over an hour away.  With everything we did yesterday, the girls feeds were kinda cut down, their milk feeds that is.  They had a milk feed first thing in the morning 9.30am, then they had solids at 12noon, then they started screaming at 2.45pm for another milk feed, then more solids at 5.30pm, then their last milk feed at 7pm.  They didn't like getting shifted into the car then from the car into their beds but they settled easily enough.

Today, apart from getting woken up by Michala at 3.30am wanting to sleep in our bed, to which I took her back to her room and put her to bed again! (for the 6th night now, hoping it will stop when she finds it isn't going to work! lol).  She woke after that at 8am, then Michael took her down the other end and got the girls all dressed and nappies changed.  I got up at 9am when I could hear Madelyn cracking it for a feed, plus Michala had been down a few times anyway.  So I fed the girls and we talked about what we might do today whilst Michala gave me my mothers day card!  Michael booked us into Fasta Pasta, so we headed there and I fed the girls their solids, then got have my lunch! lol.  We headed to Munno Para Shopping Centre, to do some more window shopping! We ended up getting some flannel pyjama's for Michala in her next size and that was really all! Then we headed back home, whilst all the girls slept, the change of routine, plus us being out during it has thrown their daytime sleep out so I'm hoping we'll get something worked out whilst we are home this week.  We stopped at my dad's place, so the kids could all say happy mother's day to nan and give her a card also. Spent some time there talking until the girls started cracking it for another feed.  We went home and I gave the girls their solids, then their bath and Michala's bath aswell, whilst Michael cooked tea for us all.  After tea, I gave the girls their milk feed and then put them to bed, and afterwards Michael put Michala to bed.  Was a great day all in all, beautiful weather along with it all.  So I had a great weekend and am hoping all the mothers, grandmothers, and mothers to be had a great day also, as well as people who had birthdays today along with it all!