Monday, April 26, 2010

Separate Cots, Here We Go!

Wow! The girls are getting so long now, that they just don't fit together in the one cot any more! We finally got around to reorganising their cots tonight so they can still sleep next to each other and see each other.  I'm wondering how they will go? So far, they've gone straight to sleep so we'll see thru the night how they cope.  They do seem to cope on their own tho, it doesn't seem like they need the other one around constantly which is good in a way but I'm sure it'll change as time goes on. :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm still here..... & Things for Sale

Hi all, I am still here.  Have been having a few personal problems recently so am trying to deal with all of that too.  Too personal to write on here, anyway, I've been organising the girls Christening, which thankfully is nearly done.  On Monday, Kendra and Madelyn had their 6 month injections and check ups.  They were really good with their injections, I didn't even think that Kendra was going to cry with the first injection but right at the end she started whimpering but the 2nd injection she couldn't help it.  Poor baby!!

Also, I've added a page on here called "For Sale", soon I will start adding photos of items on here that I want to sell, mostly baby stuff but there might be other stuff too.  Hopefully you keep checking it out regularly to see what new's been added.  Thanking you in advance.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

6 Months: Where Did That Time Go?

Six months, hey? Scary! Time flies so fast, I can't believe my babies are six months old!  My heart just fills with joy whenever I see their little faces light up!  Today I started feeding the girls solids again, I started about three weeks ago but Madelyn wasn't interested at all, she didn't like the spoon going anywhere near her mouth and Kendra didn't mind it but she still wasn't at the stage where she really wanted it either.  Today though! Madelyn loved it, was fine with the spoon being in her mouth, she just didn't like me wiping her mouth with the spoon. That's why in one of the photos coming up, you'll see her all upset, poor Madelyn!  Kendra well, she couldn't wait for me to put the spoon in her mouth and kept grabbing her spoon and shoving it in!  Very cute!  They scoffed the mashed pumpkin right down! 

            Little piggies!! : )


 I thought I would compare stats from the girls birth to now.

Birth                                                    Now 6 Mths Later
Weight:    2.77kgs                                 Weight:  6.4kgs
Length:    46cms                                    Length:  63cms
HC:         34cms                                    HC:       41cms

Birth                                                    Now 6 Mths Later
Weight:    2.88kgs                                 Weight:   6.3kgs
Length:    49cms                                    Length:   65cms
HC:         33cms                                    HC:        40.5cms       

Wow! They've grown haven't they? They are just about sitting up on their own now! Still can't roll over yet although, Kendra did roll over the other day from her stomach to her back again but hasn't done it since.  I know they are 4 weeks premature and that they take longer to do things but they still look tiny to me compared to what Michala looked like at their age! lol.  They are pushing themselves around with their feet enough to move themselves so they probably don't need to roll over at all.
Anyway, if anyone's got some suggestions on how I can pep up this blog, please let me know.  Thanks

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter & Change of Daylight Savings Time

Hi all, hoping that everyone had a great Easter same as we did! We had and have family staying with us this Easter and caught up with other parts of the family also.  Everything will go back to normal from tomorrow then, all the family head off and we go back to our busy but chaotic life! haha.

I don't like the change of daylight savings back to normal time, I was so used to getting up at 8am with the girls waking then and now they keep waking at 7am which was 8am before.  It's just thrown the babies all out of whack and I'm not quite sure what to do about it yet.  Kendra and Madelyn refused to have their arvo sleep today and were quite grumpy tonight so I ended up feeding them early and putting them down early so I'm hoping they don't wake any earlier than 7am in the morning! lol.  I have to work out whether to keep trying to adjust their time clocks or readjust my day to suit their previous times for everything but unfortunately that means I need to rearrange teatime for Michala also as our normal time is 6pm but the girls will want to be fed then if this is the case! Argh!!! I don't know, I spose I should see how they go overnight tonight as that will make it the 3rd day tomorrow and should tell me if they'll adjust or not.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Are twins really that much harder than single babies?

Last night I was looking thru the blogs that I follow when I came across this one from "Twinkle Twinkle Little Twins..." called "I Don't Know Any Different" dated Sunday March 28, 2010 "While searching through blogs about other mothers raising twins all i could find were blogs saying how incredible insane it is and basically saying how being blessed with two has ruined there lives. Well i would like to inform everybody that i disagree with these mothers. Yes it is quite the hand full and can be very overwhelming at times but i do not feel that my twins have ruined my life at all. A lot of people ask me how i can possibly do it, that it is just double the trouble and the only thing i can say is that it is all i know. I do not know what it is like having only one baby to take care of.. Extremely easy i imagine....."

Now, I have a single daughter and twin girls as you all know but I agree with Jess the writer of that blog, raising twins doesn't ruin our lives and it isn't double trouble. I know my babies are only 5 1/2 mths old but I personally think that my 3 yo daughter is more of a handful than the girls. The girls both feed at the same time, they sleep at the same time for their major sleeps, it's just easier with the twins, they sleep all night and Michala gets up more than they do. I'm sure that the girls will start to become a bit more of a handful when they begin walking, maybe but I'm enjoying every part of their lives at the moment.

The only time for me that the twins might be harder is when they are both crying, depending on why they are crying depends on how hard it is for me. If it's for the reason that they are tired and need a short nap, then it's not too bad currently as I put Madelyn in the electric rocker and then pat Kendra to sleep, the only hard part here is getting Kendra to stay asleep once I've put her back in her pram. lol. Sometimes one might just have to cry a little longer but they cope with it reasonably well.

I had the similar problems with Michala but with Michala I had more opportunity to sit down and hold her than I do with the twins. Yes, I would say that having twin babies are easy, sure they can give you a hard time occasionally but that is no different to a single baby.

As Jess, wrote further on that blog, it's just that you do it twice! She's 100% right there, we do do it twice! My sister in law, who had twins also after a single boy, said that if one baby takes up all of your time, how much extra can two more babies take?