Wednesday, March 17, 2010

♥ Sisterly Love ♥

♥ It is wonderful when you have a new baby and know wholeheartedly that their older sibling was looking forward to meeting them just as much as you were. ♥

Michala is an excellent older sister to Kendra and Madelyn and just loves to cuddle them as much as possible. I love watching her try to involve them in everything she can do, such as dancing, she'll grab their hands while their in the rocker and want them to hold her hand while she dances around or I'll see her go up to them after she's read sleeping beauty and say "it's alright bubby, I won't let the dragon hurt you, see there's no dragon here...". If one of the babies is crying, she'll try to calm them down by patting their stomach as I've taught her, sometimes that can get a little rough but thankfully the twins are right where I am anyway so I can keep an eye on what's going on. If I try and put the girls down for a sleep, whether it be day or night and Michala's not around, she'll get upset saying "I want to say goodnight to my sisters!" and usually she'll run in their room to their cot blow a kiss and say "goodnight Kendra, goodnight Madelyn" then come out all happy again.

It amazes me how unconditional love is sometimes, it's amazing because children don't get the choice themselves whether they want siblings or not, it's just something the parents decide and unfortunately whether the children get along with their brothers or sisters doesn't even come into the decision making to extend your family. After I had the twins, whilst I was still in hospital, everyone including the nurses told me that Madelyn and Michala were going to clash, I certainly hope that's not the case later in life but currently that couldn't be far from the truth. But then, there are others who say that all three of them will have a close bond after they've seen them all together. Who knows, but currently Michala loves her little sisters to bits and I hope that continues forever, oh I know there'll be words and tiffs, etc but I hope in the long run, deep down they continue to love each other and be there for one another as sometimes family is all we have especially when we really need someone.

When Kendra was 12wks old, she had been throwing up and had a high temp, I was going to just take Kendra to the hospital but Michala got hysterical worrying that we weren't going to come home (unfortunately her first time of mummy not being there for a period of time was when I had the twins) and when hubby and I bundled everyone in the car, she kept saying "mummy I'm worried too!" Poor baby, but she was so much better knowing that her sister was okay and coming home with mummy also. It really doesn't take long for a bond to form in a family, does it! It also fills my heart with such joy when I see her sitting where I sit on the lounge, trying to breastfeed two of her dolls pretending to be mummy! :)

This is Michala (big sis) with her newborn sister Kendra, I can't seem to find a recent photo of her holding Kendra but when I do, I'll post it online. Everytime she holds them she says "get the camera, take smiles!" Very cute!!

This is Michala (big sis) holding her sister Madelyn, close on 5mths at this time.

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