Monday, March 15, 2010

Twin Questions?!?!

Today we had a 3yo birthday party to go to. It's great getting to catch up with people I only see thru other friends especially if they've had new babies or have kids around the same age as mine or were in a prenatal class with me. I understand most people don't know a lot about twins but still..........

"Are they twins?" Hmmm.... really? Sometimes I feel like saying something like "No, I just picked this one up at the supermarket, amazingly they seem to have the same birthdays and were born only 10mins apart! Cool, hey?"

"Boy/Girl?" Two girls I say, but inside I'm thinking, they both have pink long sleeve shirts on under denim dresses, what do you reckon?

"How are you coping with twins? Bet that keeps you busy?" Well actually, currently it's harder with the 3yo than the twins, the only time I get a hard time with the twins is when Kendra is teething and I can't seem to find any teething gels that are working for her even for a short amount of time so I have to keep giving her panadol.

"Are you still breastfeeding? I'm sure that's difficult and takes up a lot of your time." Yes, I am still breastfeeding, I do them both at the same time so it makes it easier on me and only means I'm busy for half an hour at the most so they only feed four times a day now which is good.

"Wow! You look great, what's your secret?" (Not sure if this was serious or sarcastic as they are one of our neighbours) My secret is having two babies at once, feeding them just sucks all the fat out of me! LOL

Some questions are annoying, plain stupid, interesting, self informing but all this usually depends on what my mood is at that time and what sort of day that I've had already.

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