Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Where Do I Start?

Well where do I start from here? A bit of background information I reckon to get started.... hmmm..... Well I met my husband about 16 1/2 years ago, got married 10 years ago, shifted from Coonalpyn where were both living at the time to the Barossa Valley where I began to work at Agpoint Australia in Freeling and my husband was working as an interstate truck driver. In 2005, we decided to start trying for a family and within 6 months we found out that I didn't ovulate properly and had Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (POS) so we needed help with getting pregnant. That was a very hard time and very costly also, but cost is nothing compared to the chance of having children. After 6 courses of fertility treatment (approx 6mths), we fell pregnant and after an excellent pregnancy, we had a beautiful baby girl Michala Jade on the 2nd of January 2007 weighing 9pds 2ozs and a 14.5hr labour!!! What can I say about Michala? She was a beautiful baby, so happy and easy, slept thru the night 12 hrs from 8wks old until 9mths when she started teething properly!! lol. We decided to start trying again for another child when Michala was about 18mths old. Finally after another 6 courses (over a period of 8mths this time), we found out we were pregnant again! Yay! Then at our 8 wk ultrasound, we found out we were pregnant with non identical twins!!!! We knew this could be possible as it runs in both our families and Michael's older sister had already had twins one boy/one girl but we were still shocked anyway. We had hoped for twins the first time, but hadn't even considered it the second time. That was quite a shocking thing to get used to especially since we found out on April Fools Day and no one believed us for a bit! lol. We already had everything for one baby now had to get a few extra things for the second baby but thankfully we got given quite a bit of stuff so that was good. With this pregnancy we decided to find out the sex of the babies so we would know what we still need to get and to be able to decide on names, we found out that we were having two more girls! After another excellent pregnancy, I gave birth 4 weeks early on the 11th October 2009 to Kendra Davinna at 7.38am weighing 6pds 1oz and Madelyn Andrea at 7.48am weighing 6pds 5ozs with a 4.5hr labour! What can I say about Kendra and Madelyn? They are now 5 mths old, gorgeous little things, smile like there's no tomorrow and have beautiful laughs. They are completely different and everyone asks me what each of their temperaments are like, the only thing I can answer that with is, one day one is like this and then the next day it'll be the opposite child, they swap constantly and after going to the multiples group catch ups they say that continues to happen to even 4 year olds. So far all I can say is it seems that Kendra is a bit more laid back while Madelyn is a bit of a mummy's girl but we also think that might be from when she was born, her lungs were still a little premature and she got sent to another hospital to get oxygen pumped into her and we couldn't all go as there wasn't enough room there so poor Madelyn was on her own for the first three days of her life! It was a nervewracking experience waiting for her to come back as I'd only got to hold her for a minute before they had to rush her off to the Special Care Nursery. Poor Kendra has been teething for the last month, her eye teeth are right there waiting to cut, grrr! why can't they come in order! Well that's all for now, it's getting late so hopefully you found this interesting at least and I'll keep updating it as regularly as I can! lol

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