Monday, March 22, 2010

Teething Troubles - Bad, Bad Teeth!!

Why do babies suffer from teething?! It's obviously, really painful for them and for some babies it starts off so early in their life. Kendra got a cold not long after 3 months old, and she couldn't shake it off, we'd seen the doctor and he'd said it wasn't in her chest so there was nothing he could do, of course! I think it was about 2 weeks later when her cold still hadn't cleared, I was feeling around her mouth and when I felt her top gums I had to have a look! My poor baby has her eye teeth popped right out of her gum but not quite cut through yet!! No wonder she's been upset lately! The cold probably came along at the start of her teething then the irritability as well as the runny nappies but that hasn't changed at all yet since their birth. lol. Her bottom eye teeth are white and raised but I think the eye teeth are just going to give her hell until her bottom and top teeth come thru first! Poor girl! So now it seems I'm putting teething gels (which I can't find any that give her lasting relief!) or giving her panadol at least once a day! Or else I'm rocking and patting her to sleep to give her a half hour break from it! But there is one thing I have to be happy about, so far Kendra's teething hasn't woken her during the night very often, which is excellent for her and for me! :) The cold has since gone, the nappies are the same and her teething is the same unfortunately! Since the start of this month, she's gotten to grabbing whatever she can get her hands on to put straight in her mouth! If she can get your fingers in her mouth she has a good clamp on her!! lol

Our firstborn Michala had her top two teeth showing really well but her bottom two came out first with no problems, it just ended up being the rest that gave her the hassles from then on but nurefon worked wonders for her! :) Madelyn is doing okay, her gums don't look like they are anywhere near ready for teeth yet thankfully.

Everytime people ask me how the twins are going, I'll say good but Kendra's teething really bad. And everytime, they'll come back with "teething already? That's a little early isn't it?". It always makes us mum's feel like we just use teething as the next best excuse but I know that's not the case with Kendra as I can see them! When's it too early to get teeth? Some babies are born with teeth, others get them around 3 mths, the majority get them from 6 mths onwards but each baby is an individual.

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