Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter & Change of Daylight Savings Time

Hi all, hoping that everyone had a great Easter same as we did! We had and have family staying with us this Easter and caught up with other parts of the family also.  Everything will go back to normal from tomorrow then, all the family head off and we go back to our busy but chaotic life! haha.

I don't like the change of daylight savings back to normal time, I was so used to getting up at 8am with the girls waking then and now they keep waking at 7am which was 8am before.  It's just thrown the babies all out of whack and I'm not quite sure what to do about it yet.  Kendra and Madelyn refused to have their arvo sleep today and were quite grumpy tonight so I ended up feeding them early and putting them down early so I'm hoping they don't wake any earlier than 7am in the morning! lol.  I have to work out whether to keep trying to adjust their time clocks or readjust my day to suit their previous times for everything but unfortunately that means I need to rearrange teatime for Michala also as our normal time is 6pm but the girls will want to be fed then if this is the case! Argh!!! I don't know, I spose I should see how they go overnight tonight as that will make it the 3rd day tomorrow and should tell me if they'll adjust or not.

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