Sunday, April 11, 2010

6 Months: Where Did That Time Go?

Six months, hey? Scary! Time flies so fast, I can't believe my babies are six months old!  My heart just fills with joy whenever I see their little faces light up!  Today I started feeding the girls solids again, I started about three weeks ago but Madelyn wasn't interested at all, she didn't like the spoon going anywhere near her mouth and Kendra didn't mind it but she still wasn't at the stage where she really wanted it either.  Today though! Madelyn loved it, was fine with the spoon being in her mouth, she just didn't like me wiping her mouth with the spoon. That's why in one of the photos coming up, you'll see her all upset, poor Madelyn!  Kendra well, she couldn't wait for me to put the spoon in her mouth and kept grabbing her spoon and shoving it in!  Very cute!  They scoffed the mashed pumpkin right down! 

            Little piggies!! : )


 I thought I would compare stats from the girls birth to now.

Birth                                                    Now 6 Mths Later
Weight:    2.77kgs                                 Weight:  6.4kgs
Length:    46cms                                    Length:  63cms
HC:         34cms                                    HC:       41cms

Birth                                                    Now 6 Mths Later
Weight:    2.88kgs                                 Weight:   6.3kgs
Length:    49cms                                    Length:   65cms
HC:         33cms                                    HC:        40.5cms       

Wow! They've grown haven't they? They are just about sitting up on their own now! Still can't roll over yet although, Kendra did roll over the other day from her stomach to her back again but hasn't done it since.  I know they are 4 weeks premature and that they take longer to do things but they still look tiny to me compared to what Michala looked like at their age! lol.  They are pushing themselves around with their feet enough to move themselves so they probably don't need to roll over at all.
Anyway, if anyone's got some suggestions on how I can pep up this blog, please let me know.  Thanks

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