Friday, April 2, 2010

Are twins really that much harder than single babies?

Last night I was looking thru the blogs that I follow when I came across this one from "Twinkle Twinkle Little Twins..." called "I Don't Know Any Different" dated Sunday March 28, 2010 "While searching through blogs about other mothers raising twins all i could find were blogs saying how incredible insane it is and basically saying how being blessed with two has ruined there lives. Well i would like to inform everybody that i disagree with these mothers. Yes it is quite the hand full and can be very overwhelming at times but i do not feel that my twins have ruined my life at all. A lot of people ask me how i can possibly do it, that it is just double the trouble and the only thing i can say is that it is all i know. I do not know what it is like having only one baby to take care of.. Extremely easy i imagine....."

Now, I have a single daughter and twin girls as you all know but I agree with Jess the writer of that blog, raising twins doesn't ruin our lives and it isn't double trouble. I know my babies are only 5 1/2 mths old but I personally think that my 3 yo daughter is more of a handful than the girls. The girls both feed at the same time, they sleep at the same time for their major sleeps, it's just easier with the twins, they sleep all night and Michala gets up more than they do. I'm sure that the girls will start to become a bit more of a handful when they begin walking, maybe but I'm enjoying every part of their lives at the moment.

The only time for me that the twins might be harder is when they are both crying, depending on why they are crying depends on how hard it is for me. If it's for the reason that they are tired and need a short nap, then it's not too bad currently as I put Madelyn in the electric rocker and then pat Kendra to sleep, the only hard part here is getting Kendra to stay asleep once I've put her back in her pram. lol. Sometimes one might just have to cry a little longer but they cope with it reasonably well.

I had the similar problems with Michala but with Michala I had more opportunity to sit down and hold her than I do with the twins. Yes, I would say that having twin babies are easy, sure they can give you a hard time occasionally but that is no different to a single baby.

As Jess, wrote further on that blog, it's just that you do it twice! She's 100% right there, we do do it twice! My sister in law, who had twins also after a single boy, said that if one baby takes up all of your time, how much extra can two more babies take?

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